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Trust Tidewater Sheds to Build your Shed!

Tidewater Sheds builds simplified sheds emphasizing quality materials and great attention to detailed craftsmanship. Our standard structures offer gable-style roofs and the included features below. Pricing at the bottom of this page reflects our standard builds. If you'd like to customize your shed explore our Upgrades & Ideas.


Get a shed that lasts the test of time with durable, top quality materials from the most trusted brands in the industry.


Easily customize your shed and give it that personal touch with our various upgrades and options.


Perfect for storing lawn equipment, gardening supplies, bicycles, toys, and more. Get your backyard or garden organized in no time!



Size            SF         Painted / Primed*


4x8 ......... 32sq ft ...... $3125 / $2925

4x12 ....... 48sq ft ...... $3465 / $3200

6x8 ......... 48sq ft ...... $3660 / $3400
6x12 ....... 72sq ft ...... $4385 / $4025

8x8 ......... 64sq ft ...... $4040 / $3740
8x10 ....... 80sq ft ...... $4345 / $4025
8x12 ....... 96sq ft ...... $4650 / $4285
8x16 ..... 128sq ft ...... $5965
 / $5430

10x10 ... 100sq ft ...... $5560 / $5185

10x12 ... 120sq ft ...... $6095 / $5645

10x16 ... 160sq ft ...... $6660 / $6200

10x20 ... 200sq ft ...... $8135 / $7585

12x12 ... 144sq ft ...... $6390 / $5955

12x16 ... 192sq ft ...... $7750 / $7215

12x20 ... 240sq ft ...... $8600 / $7970

 *Sheds in NC/OBX can expect additional costs for wind, flood, and hurricane requirements. Travel costs may apply.

Tan shed with two windows and one set of doors




Free Onsite Installation

No need to worry about taking down fences or having trucks drive over your lawn. We hand-carry all shed materials through your gate and build your entire shed onsite in one to three days. Upon completion, we thoroughly clean up our site.

Custom Color Choices

We include custom color choices to match your style, home, or HOA requirements. Or you can opt for a pre-primed shed and take control of your own DIY color-matching project.

Solid Foundation pictured built by Tidewater Sheds

Solid Foundation

Whether you choose 4" blocks or 4x4 skids as a base, we begin with 2x6 treated lumber at 16" on-center as your floor frame.

White no maitenance pvc trim on all custom sheds.

White No Maintenance PVC Trim

The first thing to deteriorate in many sheds are the trim boards used. We eliminate that from happening on our sheds by only using PVC trim. They never need painting, nor will they ever rot.

Interior of a custom shed built by Tidewater Sheds

Building Construction

Our flooring is comprised of 3/4" Legacy LP Tongue-and-Groove sheathing to accommodate your heavy equipment needs with Treated Plywood as an option too. All walls are framed with kiln-dried whitewood 2x4 wall studs at 24in O.C..


Single or Double Doors

Sheds < 80SF receive a 3ft Single Door. Sheds 80-120SF receive a 4ft Double Door. Sheds > 120SF receive a 5ft Double Door.

Additional Doors and Exterior Fiberglass doors are available.

LP Smart Side Wall Panels on Custom Shed

LP Smart Side Wall Panels

All shed walls are sheathed with LP Smartside pre-primed Plywood - a superior exterior-grade panel treated to repel water and prevent moisture damage.


Standard Windows

Sheds < 96 sf receive one 18x27 window

Sheds > 96 receive two 18x27 windows.

Adding additional windows is an option.

Gable Vents included on each custom built shed

Gable Vents

Gable Vents are included on each end of all of our shed builds at no extra cost.

All custom built sheds by Tidewater sheds come with 4" Roof Overhangs

4" Roof Overhangs 

Our sheds include a 4" overhang around the roofline to help keep your shed dry in bad weather.

Door Hardare consists of Heavy-Duty Hinges for latches

Door Hardware

Door Hardware consists of Heavy-Duty Hinges, Interior Spring-Latch Pins, and a Keyed Locking Tee-Handle.

Standard 6.5ft wall height gable style shed

Standard 6.25 Ft Wall

Our shed comes standard with 6ft 3in wall height measured from floor to top of the wall plate.

30-Year Architectural Shingles

Our gable-style roof comes standard with architectural roof shingles. We offer a choice of seven popular shingle colors to choose from.

Slate Shingle Color


Pewter Gray Shingle Color

Pewter Gray

Charcoal Shingle Color


Weathered Wood Shingle Color

Weathered Wood

Barkwood Shingle Color


Shakewood Shingle Color


Hickory Shingle Color


Tidewater Sheds is pleased to offer the simplified financing services of Acorn Finance to help you fund your shed project. Please contact us to be connected with them.

Payments may be made via cash, check, bank transfer, or credit card.

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